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Dear Gypsy's Shiny Diner 'FAMILY',
Since September 30, 1997 you have let us be a part of your life and we will NEVER forget that. You have allowed Gypsy's Shiny Diner to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, first dates, engagements, new jobs and so much more. You came to see us ever so often over 21 years, brightening our days & late nights with a story, a gift or just your smile...YEAP it is US who have been BLESSED for 21 years.
The Gilliam family would like to announce that on September 30, 2018 (21 years to the day we opened) we stepped away from Gypsy's Shiny Diner and welcomed the Park family of Cary as the new owners of 'The Shiny Diner'. The name change reflects the end of 21 glorious years for us in the Diner business, we didn't leave, we are still in the restaurant business at the State Farmers Market Restaurant in Raleigh . Our family would like to thank over 2 million guests and an amazing team that helped us fulfill our dream of a successful Diner that everyone could call their OWN!
We wish the Park family great success at The Shiny Diner on Buck Jones Rd and our family will ALWAYS be grateful for YOU ALL....our Diner FAMILY!!
The Gilliam Family
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